Tehran business show 2019

Tehran business show 2019

Hermes business idea has been a leading representative in holding major international exhibitons in world,including the great london business show that has been known as the most fastest developig exhibition in europe,we have made it to hold the first & second edition of this major event in 2018 & 2019.


1-Introducing of management services to managers

2-Introducing franchise for managers and investors

3-Development of startups

4-Business development towards management economics

5-Provide abundant opportunities,advice and information for business growth and development to managers in a challenging economy

6-Extending and developing skill orientation in business developments

7-Connecting business-idea owners to smart investorsfor direct consultant and generating sustainable job opportunities

8-Individual development in logic and idea management

9-Creating a prominet infrastructure to spotlight investment opportunities and capacities of the franchise industry

10-Aiming towards the introduction of the international franchise conference and exhibition in iran

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Tehran business show 2019
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