شرکت ایده تجارت هرمس

Organizing Exhibitions

Hermes Business Idea Co. based on the experts in different departments organize local and international exhibitions which are targeted, systematic and also cover the markets both at home and abroad in order to expand import and export business while helping small and medium-sized enterprises to go out by taking advatage of the domestic and foreign industry.

شرکت ایده تجارت هرمس

Specialized Seminars

One of the effective ways for introducing in the modern society is specialized seminars which is so useful if existing seminar works extremely regular and targeted in its own field.

Business Consulting

Experts in Hermes Business Idea Co. are ready to consult you in your way towards developing your business or starting some new business.

Market research

Our researching group in Hermes Business Co. are ready to show and evaluate the opportunities and treats of your market and let managers make the best decisions for their business plan.

Innovative marketing plans

Now, in the modern society, It’s logical to set aside the traditional way and get closer to the new methods which could be completely pragmatic and coherent.

Business match making

Because of developing international business in Iran, business match making would be a perfect way to upgrade trading in different fields.

Experiences of the managers and founders of Hermes Business Idea Co. in planning and organizing the exhibitions have been started since 2004 and they have many successful exhibitions in their records. Now they want to apply them for having services to the enterprises to reach their great targets.